About Us


My name is Tracey Abrams.  My husband Abe and I make up the team of Smarba Products.  We are based in Blue Ridge, GA. We both love dogs and have been rescuing them, on our own, for as long as I can remember.  The idea for Smarba grew from wanting to provide enrichment for dogs who are in the care of Tri State Pet Rescue, the rescue group we volunteer with.  We have been with Tri State Pet Rescue for 6 years and manage the Barking Lot, a weekly adoption event, which takes place in downtown Blue Ridge, GA. 

Tri State Pet Rescue rescues dogs from local kill shelters before they can be euthanized.  The TSPR Sanctuary houses many of those who have not yet been adopted or who have issues that may make them less desirable or harder to adopt.  These dogs always need toys that excite and entertain them, thereby combatting boredom and stimulating their minds.  The toys must be durable but also withstand strong chewers.  As a licensed foster home, it occurred to us that other dog owners might need to banish boredom or keep their four legged friends occupied for periods of time. 

Saying "we love dogs" is an understatement.  Our house is overflowing with them.  There are many who will live with us, in our home not in a kennel, until they die. Each one has one reason or another they were never adopted. There are medical issues, bite incidents, emotional trauma, etc.  We even have a Great Dane in a wheelchair so we understand a dog's need to chew on appropriate items and not shoes, socks, etc.  Smarba Products wants to offer toys that will give any dog a more enjoyable playtime.

Each week, our inventory is available for sale at the Barking Lot adoption event and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the Sanctuary toy fund. I'm happy to say this project has been a success.  We hope your furry friends enjoy all the toys and products on our site.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a problem.  We will make it right!